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OSHA-Proof™ Your Business

Due to constantly evolving occupational safety legislation, most businesses struggle to stay up to date with their legal requirements. Let us assist you in complying with OSHA regulations for your occupational safety and health program.

Things to Consider

  • Where do you turn for help with regulatory requirements?
  • How do you provide training for your employees to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently?
  • How do you ensure that employees are adequately informed of their rights and responsibilities?

How We Can Help You

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Hazard Assessments

(§)5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act requires every employer to provide a workplace free of all recognized hazards. A formal hazard assessment is a crucial first step toward fulfilling that obligation. Let our team of safety professionals conduct this evaluation for you.

Safety Inspection

“OSHA-Style” Inspections

The phrase “OSHA is here!” is arguably one of the most dreaded in the corporate sector. Our inspectors look through your facilities with “Eyes Like OSHA™” to ferret out your compliance problems before OSHA comes knocking on your door. Safety audits are an effective management tool. Regular and systematic inspections will reveal precisely where your compliance problems exist.

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Safety Training

When you hire an employee, you are required to provide appropriate training BEFORE you put them to work. We will provide customized training sessions according to your needs, at your location, and on your schedule.

Safety Committee Training

Safety Committee Training

Many Work Comp providers give a significant discount to employers who establish an active and well-trained employee safety committee. Let our experienced team of safety professionals conduct this training for you.

Energy Control Program

Written Safety Programs

OSHA regulations require many safety practices, policies, and procedures to be in written form. These written documents must be site-specific and job-specific. They must also be reviewed at least annually by a qualified company executive. Let us guide you through this process.

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Safety Program Implementation

Having a set of written safety policies is not enough to ensure compliance. Let our consultants help “dot the all the “i’s” and “cross all the t’s” in implementing your safety program.